To Live The Childhood

We always think of to go back in time to live the life of our childhood days.

Why do we always feel the present is not a better place, why we always want to live in past.

I think its the new feeling and the new world of our childhood which gives us the excitement to know and to explore the unknown.

We humans are always fond of discoveries and to know the unknown.

See You In The Dream…

How to meet you when you are too far.

How to kiss you when you are just in my heart.

I got so much love for you, that I see you in my dreams.

Dream of your tender smile while holding my hand.

The birds sing for us and the flowers move in joy.

I have Seen magical places with you by my side.

And I cherish the time I have spent with you in my dream.

I love you baby and see you in the dreams…

Tonight Below the Sky…

Tonight below the Sky, I’m counting the stars.

The silence of the night disturbs me, And I forget my count.

The cool wind makes me confuse, and the Meteors distracts my attention.

But still I find myself counting the stars with my fingertip.

I know it is a game and I play until I sleep.

Tonight below the Sky, I’m counting the stars.