The Reality Itself is a Delusion and Dilating until you are in it.
Exit point is a creation of new Delusion

The Time Loop is Real and We live in it.

We dissolve in our thoughts.

Shrinking until forever.


Thousand Pieces

Thousand pieces of this broken heart…

Reminds of her and bleed in a fresh blood.

New life has some past scars…

And thousand Pieces of this broken heart.

Which are buried inside of this scar,

Are pricking me from within…

Which now I hide with my brightest smile.

And I afraid to listen to my heart again…

Afraid of each broken piece and its pain.

The Walk

The walk in the forest roads,

In the early morning of this winter.

Walking in between the greeneries,

Listening the birds and seeing the sun rising.

The due drop looks like a gold shiny pearl,

And the air feels as if I’m touching a soul,

I’m energised, as I’m getting soaked in a freshness of nature.

Season of Love

Season of love rising in the ocean of my heart.

The pull of the bright moon in the sky is lot stronger today,

And the storm within my mind and soul,

Is dragging tides of love toward its beloved Land.

A Temptation I Feel Within…

The Desire of Exploring I believe has bought human civilization to its limitless limits…

And The short life is the reason still the earth is a vast place and many things will still be unexplored.

And every new life born in this earth will see new places in their span of life…

A never ending circle of discoveries in a period of time for a civilization.

A new earth for every new born.

And an unexplored earth for a dying Soul : A reason and a temptation to live some more !